Hopeless in Stockholm

Below are direct translations of the Swedish lyrics in Hopeless in Stockholm.
They are not meant to rhyme or sound poetic in any way.

It’s enough now
I’m in so much pain
I built a sandcastle
No one would have thought
My eyes are black, smoking of sulphur
My damn heart
Now we bleed black

I seek peace
Does it exist?
Lost in the fog
Years gone by
Grey bearded

And I think about the times in Ekensberg with my friends and I was so in love
Everything went downhill after Rödaberg
And I think about times in Alphyddan
I brought us tightly together
Where did they go after Karlavägen?

I’m standing on Skanstullbron with ghosts behind me
One step forward and you will see
Anxiety steams from heartache
An empty inbox during holidays
Robbed of time, flesh and blood, hopes and dreams
This takes courage
People mostly talk
Few remain friends
Let down over and over again

And I think about Svea and the times in Tumba
I feel at home in the past
I want my Amiga 500 back
Oh I got to land in an embrace
I had a love
Yes, I can
But like everything else she disappeared