Winter Blue

Below are direct translations of the Swedish lyrics in Winter Blue.
They are not meant to rhyme or sound poetic in any way.

The one who disappeared at the end of the road
I was the one who disappeared when the light went out
Lost in the wind that took me further away
Red roses with frost
Empty frames and rust

My forgotten heart glows under the ice
A lonely longing
Disappeared through time

I remember the warmth like it was yesterday
A frozen tear cracks on my cheek
The silent cries year after year
The cold and the wait
Nothing comes, everything leaves

The snow lies still over the field where we once were young like a veil over what once was. Black angry-looking tree tops in contrast to the iceblue sky that blinds everything. The wind whispers a familiar tune. Old voices echo. I pull up my collar again. There are no answers to what I seek. It is time that weighs me down. Tears well up in my eyes and hundreds of memories cut through my heart. They say that every snowflake is unique. Yet they disappear among the rest. Longing is all I have left. It is us two forever.