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Single released January 22, 2021.
Available on all major streaming services.
All rights reserved.

Music, lyrics, instruments, programming, vocals by Eric Sparkwood. Produced by Tomas Rosenberg, Eric Sparkwood. Artwork by Ewelina Mylonaki, Eric Sparkwood. Foghorn Lonesome logo in artwork originally designed by Bo Reinerdahl.

I’d walk through flame just get to you
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do, no
Nothing can keep me from you

Foolish be the heart
You can tear it apart
You can play your game
I don’t mind the pain
In the end we all rot and die the same

(I call on the wildfyre)

I’ve searched the world for someone like you
No one can touch me like you do
Into my demise I give in completely
I’m cursed to feel so very deeply

That kiss of death lights the night
My sacrifice will ignite 
Give me my prize and let me burn ever so bright
The teary third eye will illuminate the truth to be
Damn this bodhi 
I found what I love and I let it kill me

The deeper we love the greater the cost
And when you lose they say you gotta counterweight the loss
You make me come alive like a flower in bloom
Oh you ravage my heart, baby
I always knew you’d be my doom

(Fully consumed under peridot moon)
(Yeah, I love you to the doom and back)
(Amber fades to black)

She holds me close and sets me on fire
Makes my soul feel much lighter
One last kiss in her heavenly blaze
Embers eternal like Snape’s “always”

I wanna die by wildfyre
It’s my one true desire
Of all the things that I choose you’re the one I will lose