Single released May 25, 2021.
Original version released on the self-titled debut album.
Available on all major streaming services.
All rights reserved.

Music, lyrics, lead vocals, instruments, programming by Eric Sparkwood. Backing vocals by Tomas Rosenberg. Additional vocals by Vanessa Vogl. Produced by Tomas Rosenberg, Eric Sparkwood. Artwork by Eric Sparkwood. Foghorn Lonesome logo by Bo Reinerdahl.

When you reach out your hand something bites it back
When you open your heart someone tears it apart
Now that’s an easy rhyme
They belong together
Scars on the soul we carry forever

Love, it’ll tear you down
Tear you down right to the ground
Love is not for everyone
By the moon and not the sun

There was once a heart
Now a spade
Beware of the burn
Get too close and you learn

You lie, I cry
You turn on me
How can it be?
Where did I go wrong?
Now you’re gone
I give too much
I’m never enough
You lie, I cry
You make me sad
I wonder why
I thought you cared
Thought too much, naturally
Oh silly me

It’s okay to cry
(Cry it out, let it out)

(They lie, they lie)
(All they do is)

Love will tear you down
Tear you down right to the ground
And love is not for everyone
Safer to love no one

No, I don’t ever wanna fall again
I always fall too hard
I’m always on guard
So if I ever think I’ve met someone I’m gonna get up and run